If you are confused about how to get the right fit blouse, here is a guide that you can follow while you are shopping online with Ethnikhouse

Know the Right Size

The most important thing that you need to know while buying the blouse online is checking out the right size. Normally, the bust size is the size of your blouse also. So, you need to order for the same size that of your lingerie. For example, if your bust size is 36B, you need to select the size 36 of the blouse too. Of course, when you are there to buy lingerie, you have a variety of options from A to D and sometimes E. From 36A to 36C you need 36 size and 36D and 36E will need a 38size blouse. If by chance, you have slight alterations to be done, you can always get it done in the blouse based on your exact size. 

Free Alterations

If you think you are sure the size that you need but the size is not available somehow in the list, you can always drop a message regarding the alteration to be done in the blouse. Apart from the size, you can also state about the alteration of other things such as attaching the sleeves or adding or removing pads in the blouse, we offer you free alterations for the same. Just make sure that you provide proper information for the alteration of your blouse. Typically, we will need Bust, Waist and Armhole measurement for Altering a blouse. If you refer to the picture it is marked as A, B and F



The step for the alteration request is quite simple. As you select the right blouse from the list that is displayed in front of you, check out thoroughly the size and other alterations that you may require. You will be prompted to add a note to the seller before checkout, just mention your measurements and other requirements in the text box. Just check out by making the payment and all you need to do is to wait for the blouse to get delivered at your doorstep. If you have stated the right instructions, our experts will surely offer you the right alterations so that the blouse fits you perfectly as per your need. 

The Extra Margin

For people who are not sure whether the blouse is going to fit them or not, you do not have to worry at all. First of all, we have a range of sizes and patterns from where you can choose the exact one that can fit you. Even if you do not find the right size that may fit you, you can always place the order with a note of alteration and our experts will get your alterations done as per the requirements so that the blouse can fit you exactly as per your figure. 

But if you think that the blouse that you have ordered may get tight and uncomfortable for you, there is good news for you. The blouses will have an extra margin of fabric inside along the stitching line so that you can adjust the size if it gets uncomfortable for you.

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